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Drug Rape Porn - sleeping girls getting raped

Horny guys give to dumb whores special pills with wine, beer and other drinks than wait when they completely drugged up and violently drill their tight cunts asses and mouths. Only here you'll see girls that totally drunk and raped in every hole.

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August 06 2009
Posted by Horny Daddy  [ 18:29 ]
Young brunette getting drugged and raped
His sister’s friend was staying at their house for couple of weeks and this babe has a body so fucking beautiful, no man can resist the urge to fuck it! But she is not exactly a slut so this horny boy went to extremes and purchased a drug that knocks out a person completely within seconds. He assaulted her when no one else was home, drugged and sexually abused the girl, forcing his cock into her pussy and mouth and spraying her face with hot cum!
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February 04 2009
Posted by Horny Daddy  [ 18:23 ]
cruel drug rape porn
Drugged Assault is a brand new site that takes you on a ride into the shocking world of forced sex with drugged girls. This is inhumanely cruel because these babes are not even given the chance to fight it off. They are drugged and then big dicks are forced into the virgin holes!
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October 14 2008
Posted by Horny Daddy  [ 12:02 ]
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Posted by Horny Daddy  [ 11:51 ]
drug rape pics
Carl had been dating Tina for a few months. Tina was a “good girl,” and didn’t want to have sex until they had known each other longer. Well, Carl isn’t a very patient fellow, so he invited Tina out for ice cream and when she went to the bathroom, gave her ice cream an extra special topping… one that made her so tired, she didn’t hesitate when Carl offered to drive her back home to rest. She was so drugged up that she passed out by the time they reached her house. Willing or not, he had his way. Her cunt was tight, her ass was tighter, her mouth wet… Carl fucked her until he had his fill, and she was full of cum…
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Posted by Horny Daddy  [ 11:49 ]
drug rape sex
Frank and Olivia were in the same class in college. A hard literature course, and they had a big test coming up that Frank asked Olivia to help him study for. He had more than the test on his mind, though… when they had been at it for a few hours, Frank offered Olivia a cup of coffee to help keep her alert. Little did she know it would do just the opposite. Frank slipped a hand up her shirt, feeling her small but full breasts, and squeezed a nipple. It grew hard in his hand, her body responding even though her mind was dulled. It didn’t matter… as long as her pussy got wet, Frank would fuck it, and fuck it he did… and he didn’t stop there. You can see it all happening right here...
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